Single-Family Home for Sale in Springboro, OH

Looking to buy or sell a home? At Buy Sell Your Ohio Home Group, we can help you find your dream single-family home for sale in Springboro, OH.

About Our Services

At Buy Sell Your Ohio Home Group, our mission is to enable our clients to make informed choices about their real estate purchases. We know that property is a personal choice, especially when it comes to a family home. We want you to be satisfied with your choices.

We have experience with several different types of real estate properties. When you come to us, we can help you find:

  • Single-family homes
  • Farmland
  • Investment properties

Whatever kind of property you’re looking for, we’ll help you find one that’s just right. We will listen to what you want and tailor our service to your specific needs. Our service is always top-notch — and we add a little personal touch to make sure you’re taken care of.

We also have experience with different funding sources. We can help you with a home that’s financed through:

  • VA loans
  • FHA loans
  • Conventional loan programs

We work with these different loan types so that we can provide you with the best service, regardless of where your funding comes from. Whether this deal is for your first house or another investment property, you can trust our knowledge of the process.

About Us

Buy Sell Your Ohio Home Group was created by Christopher Schroeder. Christopher is a retired combat veteran and career recruiter. He has more than 20 years of experience in Marine Corps active duty.

Now, with Buy Sell Your Ohio Home Group, Christopher serves his community as a real estate agent in Springboro, OH, and surrounding areas. His first real estate transaction was in 1999. He continues to provide honest, reliable real estate service.

If you’re looking for a single-family home in Springboro, OH, let us help you. Call us at (937) 367-3285 today.